5 Great font picks from Adobe Fonts Copy

I know how hard it is to find the right font. Hopefully, here’s some help!


1. Span, by Jamie Clark

Span is simply great for sleek and sophisticated headlines. It is a classic glyphic font that doesn’t fail to look contemporary. It is true that this style has been a trend for the past 4-5 years, but some typefaces are heavier and get very ornamented – Which I have no issue with! However, if you are not looking for a display font and you need it to let the graphics shine, this is a solid option.


2. Degular by James Edmondson

It’s always good to keep an eye on James Edmondson! I must admit it was hard to choose which one to include in this top 5. The psychedelic Eckmannpsych is worth an honorable mention.

Degular is a clean and graceful sans serif, great for both digital and print. Its own foundry says that ” it aims to fade into the background [like the finest Japanese-made white noise machine as you drift off to ~dreamland~]” Well, mission not accomplished, because I love to lay my eyes on Degular text.

memimas pro

3. Memimas Pro by Jose M. Uros

Memimas Pro is a font inspired by our childhood. I used to hate calligraphy lessons, but this font triggers my early 90’s nostalgia. It is a perfect choice for children’s products and graphics. Type-Ø-Tones studio has a good variety of fonts available in Adobe, also for non-kids-related design.


4. Latienne by Mark Jamra

Latienne has a unique personality within its serif forms. It has a certain exotisim and it looks sophisticated but also approachable. My preference would be large headings combined with sans serif body copy, but I think it could work for body text as well. Mark Jamra is a veteran of typography foundry – currently teaches in Portland although he was trained in Switzerland. He created an academic resource library that is worth bookmarking.


5. Monotalic by Kostic Type

This font is really interesting, and so is the studio behind it. This Serbian foundry is run by a father and a son who grew up learning his dad’s profession. Monotalic is playful and has a unique personality, mixing a mono type structure with curvy script features. The doodle-like glyphs makes it blend perfectly with illustrations. Haven’t used it in my work yet but I am looking for the occasion!

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