Marina Astudillo Funes

I am an illustrator, graphic and surface designer. I create lively and colourful graphics about ordinary life, in order to make life a little more extraordinary.

Born in Madrid, I studied Advertising and Public Relations in Universidad Complutense. Shortly after graduating, I moved to the Netherlands, where I worked as a UX/UI designer and began my personal illustration brand. After completing a Design Master’s in Mr Marcel School, I skilled up within design studios at advertising agencies, such as Geometry Global in Madrid and CO-OP Advertising in Toronto.

Along the way, I have branched out into multiple disciplines such as art direction, branding, illustration, icon design, infographic and photography set design. I have had the opportunity to work internationally with great clients and learnt from incredibly talented teams.

For inquiries about pattern licenses, illustration or design services, please drop me a line at: hola@marinastu.com

PS: I am always happy to meet and collab with other designers. Come by and say hi!