price index

Design Project

As part of the CO-OP Advertising team, I had the opportunity to create the visuals for’s Price Index. It consists of a monthly report published in The Globe and Mail, one of the main publications in Canada. The index gathers pricing data of vehicles all around the country and it is our mission to display that data in a clear and visual way.

I have contributed considerably to this project; from the art direction to the data input into the report every month as well as the social media illustrations. Price Index Price Index Price Index


To develop the colour palette, I started from TRADER’s corporate red and I extracted tints and shades of soft pink tones complemented by blue highlights. They come together in an isometric world, juxtaposing data visualisation elements with roads, vehicles and signage.

Each month, I prepare a custom illustration for the social media posts that announce the report. Price Index Price Index Price Index


Check it out on and The Globe and Mail

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